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Following are the scholarship guidelines for applicants who expect to be students of the International University of Japan (IUJ). IUJ recommends candidates to scholarship providers from the pool of successful applicants to IUJ. The providers review these recommendations and make the final decision in awarding their scholarships.  All applications regarding scholarships must be submitted together with the applications for admission.

The estimated cost of living expenses on campus for a single person per month is approximately: Yen100,000 - Yen120,000 (dormitory charge Yen32,000, meals Yen35,000 - Yen40,000, personal expenses such as copying, books, telephone call, water, electricity bill etc. Yen35,000 - Yen40,000).  This estimate is for basic expenses.  You will need extra money for entertainment, transportation, etc.



IUJ provides a limited number of scholarships for newly enrolling international students. Scholarships offered by IUJ are for duration of ten months (September of the year of enrollment to June of the next calendar year).   Students with commendable records are given a renewal for the second year.


1. IUJ Type-A Scholarship

* Partial Exemption of Admission Fee: Yen 250,000
  (out of a total admission fee of Yen300,000)
* Exemption of Tuition: Yen 1,900,000
* Stipend: Yen100,000 per month, including dormitory fee.
* Type-A scholarship recipients are required to reside in an IUJ Dormitory.
   (IUJ single dormitory fee is Yen32,000 per month)

2. IUJ Type-B Scholarship 

* partial Exemption of Admission Fee: Yen250,000
  (out of a total admission fee of Yen300,000)
* Exemption of Tuition: Yen1,900,000

3. IUJ Type-C Scholarship

* Partial Exemption of Tuition: Yen 570,000 (out of a total admission fee of Yen1,900,000).


Regarding the admission fee for Type-A or Type-B Scholarships: recipients are responsible for paying the remaining balance of Yen50,000 by the designated deadline according to the guidelines for successful applicants. 

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