Our College now offers scholarships to international students, ranging up to
$10,000 per academic year.

These scholarships are based on academic merit, and there are no limiting
numbers. In other words, this is NOT an offer that only 1-2 students from
all over the world can take advantage of. We are willing to hand out awards
ranging from $3,500 to $10,000 per academic year, to a high number of
students who are academically qualified.

Our school is a four-year liberal arts college, offering majors in over 35
areas, including biology, biochemistry, business, management, economics,
chemistry, environmental studies, and others.

We are a small school, featuring close attention to each student, and are
listed each year as a TOP TEN school in our regional category by the US
NEWS AND WORLD REPORT annual survey of US universities and
colleges. Note that with even our top awards, students will need
considerable sources of their own. Our total annual cost is about $23,000
(including living costs). So, with good scholarships, a student can attend
this small and exclusive liberal arts college for about the same cost they
would spend if going to a larger, less friendly public university.


資料來源:Maryville College

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