University of Cambridge
2001 International Summer Schools

Summer programmes have been held at the University of Cambridge since the end of the 19th century, and the first specialised course of study for overseas visitors was held in 1923.  Applicants are undergraduate and graduate students seeking credit towards studies at their home institutions.  Teachers and faculty also attend, recognising an opportunity to refresh and develop their own professional knowledge and expertise.

Eight different Summer Schools offered by the University of Cambridge.  You can choose to study for two, three or four weeks by attending one Summer School, or you may prefer to extend your studies in Cambridge to five or six weeks by combining two Summer Schools.

Week beginning Sunday 8
of programme
Int'l Summer School Term I             4 wks, 7/9~8/3
Int'l Summer School Term II             2 wks, 8/5~8/18
Art History Summer School             3 wks, 7/8~7/28
History Summer School             3 wks, 7/8~7/28
Shakespeare Summer School             3 wks, 7/8~7/28
Science Summer School             3 wks, 7/15~8/4
Medieval Studies Summer School             3 wks, 7/29~8/18
English Literature Summer School             3 wks, 7/29~8/18

Accommodation: can be provided for participants in colleges grouped around the centre of the historic city, offering something of the experience of Cambridge college life.

Language Requirement:
All teaching for the Summer Schools is in English.  Applicants must satisfy themselves that their English is of a standard high enough for them to be able to understand and follow argument presented in fluent English at university level.

Certificate of completion: Evaluation, credit and certificates are important for many of the participants.  You will be awarded a certificate of completion if you fulfil the attendance and, on request, confirmation of your contact hours can be provided.  The International Summer Schools do not operate their own system of credit, but you may obtain credits for completed work and course attendance through universities in the United States and a number of other countries.

Other Activities:

- Summer School Library available
- A programme of weekend excursions
- Course-related excursions
- Evening concerts and events


- Registration fee: 200

In each case, the tuition fee covers all teaching, events and some social functions. Non-residents pay only the tuition fee.  Tuition fees are as follows:

- Art History and Science Summer Schools: each 740
- International Summer School Term I: 695
- International Summer School Term II: 510
- History, Medieval Studies, Shakespeare and English Literature
  Summer Schools
: each 595

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