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International House was founded by John and Brita Haycraft in 1953.  Its activities are now supervised by an Educational Trust whose main objectives are the development of standards in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language world-wide and the fostering of international understanding.  Trustees are drawn from a wide range of fields including a number of key organizations in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language, among them the British Council and BBC English.  There are over 100 affiliated schools in 27 countries.

International House Teacher Training was established in 1962 and is widely known for training teachers of English as a foreign language.  Its original Introductory Certificate course provided the model for what is now the Cambridge/RSA Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults.  With a tradition of innovation and development, the range of courses offered by IH Teacher Training in Newcastle increases every year. One of the current areas of development is a 1 week introductory course to Teaching English as a Foreign Language, which is designed to give prospective candidates a taste of what to expect on the Cambridge/RSA Certificate course.


- RSA/Cambridge CELTA-Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
- RSA/Cambridge DELTA-Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults
- Application and Pre-Interview Task

Language and Methodology Course for non-native teachers of English (This course has been especially designed for the training of overseas teachers of English, incorporating a balance of language and methodology.  Designed to suit both experienced teachers and also teachers at the beginning of their careers, this course can be tailored for any group of English teachers and is often run in conjunction with English classes each morning.)

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