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Bell Teacher Training, part of the Bell Educational Trust, has been running courses for teachers from all over the world for over 20 years.

A key aspect of teacher development is keeping up to date with current approaches to learning and teaching English as a foreign language, new technology and contemporary English use.  Bell Teacher Training has an extensive programme of courses at all levels which include language development, methodology and teaching practice for teachers with different needs.  The courses are held at Bell schools in Cambridge, Norwich and Saffron Walden.

Creative teaching & NLP Advanced Language & Culture
Recent Developments in Language and Methodology Challenging Children & Language Development
Language Improvement & Methodology Multimedia & the Internet 
Multimedia in ELT Language Development and Methodology
British Life & Culture Getting the Best from Your Coursebook
Methodology & Language Awareness Training the Trainer: Skills for Teacher Training 
Advanced language Development Teaching Techniques & Language Development
Multiple Intelligences in ELT Teacher Training Plus
Internet & Multimedia for Self-Access and the Classroom Language Development & Methodology
Creativity in the Classroom MA in English Teaching (In conjunction with the University of London Institute of Education)
Contemporary English Cambridge RSA Certificate & Diploma
Language & Literature Teaching Business English
NLP and the Creative Brain British Studies

Qualification Course Finder

Qualification Courses Location Dates
 MA in English Teaching Saffron Walden 07 Jan - 02 Feb
 MA in English Teaching Saffron Walden 29 Jul - 25 Aug
 CELTA Cambridge & Norwich Year Round
 DELTA Norwich 2 Apr - 1 Jun
 DELTA Saffron Walden 24 Sep - 30 Nov

More information:

   Bell Language Schools, Teacher Training
   Mr. Malcolm Hebden, Academic Manager
   Enquiries & Registration, Bell, Hillscross, Red Cross Lane,
   Cambridge, CB2 2QX, England
   Tel +44 (0) 1223 21 2333
   Fax +44 (0) 1223 41 0282

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