Australia - New Student Visa Regulations

English Version

There are new regulations that apply to students under the age of 18 in regards to guardians and welfare arrangements.  Please ensure that you have all the latest information if you are under 18 and hoping to study in Australia.

Students are required to notify their education provider of their address and any change of address within 7 days.

Condition 8206 (no change of provider) has been amended to require students to remain with their education provider for both pre-requisite and principal courses for 12 months (or the duration if the course is for less than 12 months).  This means that if a student is granted a visa for a package of 6 months for English plus 3 years for a degree, the student is required to remain with the provider for a minimum of 18 months unless they successfully apply with the Department Immgration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA) to change provider.  For more information check out the DIMA website on

Chinese Version

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