Hi, I am Wang, Yu Chung (William) and I am from Taiwan. Born in 1974, I have had a very wonderful life in my homecity - Kaohsiung that I also studied in Kaohsiung Senior high school before. For my undergraduaet study, I have been in both Taipei and Los Angeles that I studied Mechanical Engineering in National Taiwan University in the first city and took some continued education courses in California State University in Los Angeles.   Currently, I am a postgraduate student majoring in MBA-IT program in Australia.

I had serveral working experiences and most of them are very interesting to me. I worked for Taipei Phiharmonic foundation as the executive secretary in preparing and performing the 1996 International Choral Festival. After that I joint the Cost Guard force in Kaohsiung where I was a PBX engineer in controlling and maintaining two systems (Northern Telecom - Meridian 61C and Actel NSS 5500).  Also, I worked as a PC engineer for some retailer in Kaohsiung after resigning from the military. Hence I would really like people to share their ideas in music, computer, and business stuff with me.


資料來源:王佑中/Wang, Yu Chung (William)

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