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New " Study & Work "  Programmes
source : Stafford House College

Stafford House School of English has launched a pioneering new initiative entitled "Study & Work".

The programme is based on the combination of a four-week English language course, followed with the experience of practicing the acquired language skills in a work environment within the UK and Ireland.

The whole experience promises to be successful amongst an increasing number of students wishing to gain employment on a worldwide level.

After the initial period at Stafford House School of English, students can choose to be placed in a business school related to their area of studies or focus on improving their English in the hotel and catering industry.  While the Internships are unpaid and students can choose to work as volunteers in many different areas, such as Marketing, Engineering, Travel and Tourism, Legal, Medical, International Trade, etc., the Anglo Hotel Training is paid work and especially recommended to students who need to support themselves during their stay in the UK.

The general aim of each of the Study & Work programmes is to improve existing language skills in a professional environment, to provide a means of increasing student awareness of international business culture and to enhance employment opportunities within Europe.
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