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Creative Ideas Pay Off
source : University of South Australia - Jessica Clarke

In April of this year Bachelor of Visual Communications student Chris Edser went to a Melbourne design conference with a sample of his work.  The third year UniSA student returned with two trips overseas.

Chris won the Fabrica Scholarship - which entitles him to study in Italy for up to 12 months at a design studio sponsored by Benetton - and the Interactive Media Award, which will see him travel to the US for one week in order to attend a related conference or exhibition.

"In some ways, it still hasn't sunk in, " said Chris, who entered his work in a design competition run as part of the AGlldeas conference. "I was very surprised to reach the short list."

"I became nervous when I saw my name on the multimedia finals list and couldn't believe it when I won the major award (the Fabrica Scholarship).

Chris plans to complete his degree at UniSA this year before studying in Italy.  "I've been working extra hard at uni so I can justify the award," said Chris, who majors in illustration.

Chris designed a plasticine animation which had to comply with the competition's theme, a visual interpretation of Creativity = Risk.  It ends with the statement 'sometimes the most creative solution can be, not taking any risk at all.'

Chris has some advice for other students who are considering entering future competitions.  "Never discount anything, just because it may seem out there at first.  Each ;year there is a different theme, but don't be afraid to explore ideas that may seem impossible at first."

What's the best thing about UniSA's Bachelor of Visual Communication degree?

"It focuses on creativity and idea generation," Chris says. "... the course is respected and opens up new ways of thinking."

He has checked out the Fabrica studio's internet site and says it seems to have endless resources, a huge library and is architecturally amazing.

"While there seems to be unlimited access to resources, it is the ideas that are the foundation," he said.  "The lecturers I have had push for these good ideas which then form the basis of the designs."

With his mind focused on finishing his final semester at uni, he also has to plan his trip to the US.

"They have been really flexible so I might travel there once I have studied at the Fabrica studio," he said.
est. 9/1999
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