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Tutoring Center Creates Success
source : Nathalie Parkvall, A & E editor Hawaii Pacific University 

Behind in a class? Frustrated because you don't understand the teacher and the homework?  Having trouble with a paper - grammar, organization, or style?  Have a math or science problem you can't solve?

There is help:  the HPU Tutoring and Testing Center provides assistance to all registered HPU students, free of charge.  The tutoring is designed to meet individual needs, and the aim is to help students master basic skills,  develop learning skills, and refine analytical skills in one-on-one sessions.

English tutors offer help in speaking and writing for students in any class that requires a paper or oral presentation.  Students can get help with any paper; simple essays, professional papers or master's theses.  "Tutors are not expected to do a student's homework, but rather guide them to their own solution of the problem,"  said Maria LeRossow, an English tutor at the center.

For the speaking part of English tutoring, students can practice conversation, pronunciation, reading , and listening.  Students also practice oral presentations with tutors, so they can get feedback on their performance and suggestions on how to improve it.

"The student can request to practice in a classroom setting with a tutor, so that the tutor can focus on the vocal projection, ... use of gestures, or use of supplementary materials, such as a poster board," Rossow explained.

The Center has language tutors in Japanese, Spanish, and French, and occasionally Mandarin and German.  Any student who takes a language class is required to see a tutor to practice conversation, reading, and grammar.

Students who need help in other academic areas can find tutors in biology, chemistry, economics, computer science, finance, quantitative  methods, math and more, and computers are available for computer science, economics, and certain math courses.

The Tutoring Center is not only good for improving your grade for one specific paper or assignment, but also for helping you to be successful throughout your education.  "It's not just about getting a good grade for this one thing, but learning strategies and how to improve on your own when you don't have a tutor available," said Shalece Moback, manager.  "[Students] improve their grades in the short term..., but they also learn a lot on how to study better and how to be independent learners."

The Tutoring Center is located on the 6th floor in the LB building on Bishop St. at the downtown campus and at the windward campus, in the Atherton Library and the Cooke Academic Center.
est. 9/1999
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