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UniSA Top of the Charts for International Students
source : University of South Australia

The University of South Ausa notraliw ranks number one nationally in the number of students it has enrolled to study offshore.  And if the current trend continues it is expected that the University will continue to build international student numbers both on and offshore.

UniSA's success was revealed as results from the IDP Benchmarking survey for the semester-two intake were released.  And according to the survey UniSA leads the state in both on and offshore international student enrolments.

In the five months between 31 March and 31 August 2001, UniSA increased its offshore student numbers by almost 39 per cent to 5,350 moving from fourth in Australia to number one.  In the same period UniSA's onshore international student enrolments also grew by more than 11 per cent to 1,845.

UniSA's Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and International Professor Ian Davey says the growth in student numbers is enormously important to the state, educationally, culturally and economically.

"Our Strategy has been to embrace the internationalisation of education in all of its aspects and I believe that has paid off in ways over and above student enrolment figures," Professor Davey said.

Professor Davey said UniSA's successful strategies included early adoption of new generation technologies such as the Internet for communications and marketing and importantly in its education programs, developing significant ongoing relationships with other international universities and making a commitment to internationalisation of the curriculum.

"As the leading South Australian university provider of education for international students both here in our state and offshore in about 12 countries, with a key focus in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, we act as a conduit for cultural and educational exchange."

"This also means our offshore programs showcase SA as an innovative and outward looking educational centre with vibrant education and research partnerships around the world."

"For UniSA our international success means we are running 15 per cent above our budget projections in this area.  In pure dollar terms international education is worth many millions to the State."

"The path we have chosen for UniSA delivers a win/win for our international students and our Australian students because it immerses them in an educational environment for the 21st century - one which is global in outlook and one which is enhanced and mediated by next generation technologies."
est. 9/1999
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