UK Hotel Programme - Paid Work Experience

The British Home Office Ministry has relaxed some of the rules regarding the initial rigorous selection criteria for paid Work Experience in the UK. This brings the rules for non-EU students more in line with the rules for European students and passport holders. 


Non-EU students must have a qualification equivalent to that of NVQ level 3 or 2 GCSE 'A Levels'. For non-EU students, this is usually equivalent to their High School Diploma.  


Although students must still be currently studying at university, their field of study is no longer restricted to just tourism/hospitality subjects. Therefore, students preparing ANY SUBJECT at University can be accepted.


Students who have completed their courses may take up employment in the
UK under the Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES). The TWES is a special arrangement within the work permit scheme that allows people to do work based training for a professional or specialist qualification, a graduate training programme or to undertake work experience.




source: British Home Office Ministry on Sept. 01, 2002