AMMA(The Amsterdam Master's in Medical Anthropology)是阿姆斯特丹大學十分頂尖知名的國際短期課程,它在2009年將推出兩個短期課程。分別為Medical Anthropology及Medcine and Human Rights,歡迎有興趣人士踴躍報名。

Medical  Anthropology
•Gender, Repreoductive and Sexual Health and Fertility.
•Culture, Psychology and Psychiatry.
•Medicine and Huma Rights In Cross-cultural Perspective.
•Children, Health and Well-being: A Cultural Perspective.
•Aids in the 21st century:A Medical Anthropological Perspective.

Medcine and Human Rights
This course is designed for medical practitioners, health professionals, counsellors of asylum seekers and refugees, law professionals, advanced students in law or social science, and human rights experts working in (non-)governmental organizations.



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