Innovative Master in Accounting Program Announcement:
Doing CPA and Master Together

The University of Hawaii at Manoa, School of Accountancy is launching an innovative master・s program which combines a Master of Accounting (MAcc) with our Executive Accounting Program (EAP).

Program Features:

1. Students can prepare for the US CPA exam and earn a Master・s degree at the same time.
2. The Program・s flexible structure is such that after successfully completing the EAP courses the students can take the Master・s Program during the best time for their career.
3. This Program provides students with an extra opportunity to retake the CPA if necessary, at the end of their Master・s program.

Who May Be Suitable:

1. Any student who just graduated from college and wants to earn a master・s degree in accounting.
2. Any students who just graduated from college who want to sit for US CPA exam.
3. Any existing auditors or practitioners who want to have a US CPA to enhance their market value and global business opportunity.
4. Any individual who wants to switch careers and become a CPA.

Program Description:

This program will admit students twice a year. The fall program will start in July. The application deadline will be May 15. The spring program will start in January. The application deadline will be October 1. This program does not require students to have business or accounting degree nor work experience prior to application.

The students being admitted to the program will first take 3 months of intensive accounting courses (8 hours per day, 4 days per week) to qualify for the US CPA exam. For these intensive courses, the class size will be limited to 30 students per class. The intensive courses include:

ACC305: Management Accounting;
ACC321: Intermediate Financial Accounting I;
ACC323: Intermediate Financial Accounting II;
ACC415: Advanced Financial Accounting;
ACC401: Federal Income Taxation;
ACC413: Law for the Accountant;
ACC418: Auditing and Assurance.

Students successfully passing these courses are eligible to sit for the US CPA exam regardless of your previous undergraduate major. The fall students are encouraged to take the November CPA exam, and the spring students are encouraged to take the May CPA exam in Hawaii. By doing this, the students will have one extra opportunity to retake the CPA exam if necessary at the end of their Master・s Program.

After completion of the intensive courses, students are required to take additional 9 graduate courses (27 credits) with the regular MAcc students to earn a MAcc (Master of Accounting) degree. Students have up to 5 years to complete the course requirements. However, under normal circumstances, students should be able to finish the additional 27 credits in another 2 semesters or one semester plus a summer program if the courses are available. The MAcc degree required courses include the followings:

Four (4) Required Accounting Courses:

ACC407: Taxation of Business Entities
ACC619: Assurance in the Information Age
ACC660: Analysis in Decision Making
ACC620: Global Accounting

Two (2) Elective Courses from the followings:

ACC609: Computers and Accounting for Business Systems
ACC631: Tax of Partners/Partnerships
ACC633: Advanced Corporate Taxation
ACC635: Advanced Public Sector Accounting
ACC638: Estate & Gift Taxation and Planning
ACC639: Multi jurisdictional Taxation
ACC606: Tax Research
ACC625: Accounting and Tax Research
ACC690: Special Topics
ACC695: Internship

One (1) Required Course Outside Accounting:

SP660: Rhetoric in Organizations

One (1) Elective Graduate Level Business or Law Course.

One (1) Elective Graduate Level Accounting, Business or Law Course.

The tuition and fees for the entire program will be approximately US$18,000 for students admitted in 2002. For students admitted after 2002, there will be an increase in tuition costs. Also, for students who do not finish the entire program within two years, there will be a $1,000 per additional year of fees. The fees include the first 3-month intensive course textbooks and materials, and occasional meals, but not the textbooks for the regular MAcc courses. The students are required to pay for their living accommodations, including room and food, and health insurance. However, students are able to take advantage of living arrangements provided by the University of Hawaii, residing in campus dormitories.

How To Apply:

The application can be sent or delivered in person to Professor Shu-hsing Li at Department of Accounting, National Taiwan University. Although we do not use the standard form, the applicant shall include the following information in the application package:

1. Contact address, phone number and email if available.
2. Clearly indicate the Semester of Application.
3. Personal Resume: name, date of birth, high school name and college name are required in resume.
4. Study Statement, why study this program.


1. Official English College Transcript (GPA minimum 3.0).
2. TOEFL (500 or 173 computerized test minimum) and GMAT (500 minimum) Scores.
3. $50 US Money Order payable to RCUH (not refundable).

Please note these three minimum requirements must be met. Anyone not meeting these requirements shall not be considered. Anyone meeting these requirements can apply now. We will process the applications immediately and provide admission decisions as soon as possible. The May 15 deadline is the absolute deadline and must not be missed for those interested in the Fall program.

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