Northcote College


2009年 / 2010開課日期:

2009 Dates

Term One

2nd of February to 9th of April

Term Two

27th April to 3rd July

Term Three

20th of July to 25th of September

Term Four

12th of October to 16th of December


2010 Dates

Term One

2nd February to 1st of April

Term Two

19th of April to 2nd of July

Term Three

19th of July to 24th September

Term Four

11th of October to 14th of December




$13.000.00 per year.

$3.500.00 per term (if paid by term)


$220 per week to be paid two weeks in advance.

Administration fee

$1000.00. (non-refundable).


$468.47 (365 days)

Living Expenses 生活開支

Students need a weekly allowance to cover transport, personal expenses and extra-curricular activities. A weekly allowance of approximately $100.00 should be made for these expenses


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